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Personal Protective Equipment or PPE includes face covers, gloves and replacement inserts designed to help protect yourself and others.

The comfortable and reusable Honeywell Dual Layer Face Cover, when used with a Honeywell replaceable inserts provides better filtration and more protection compared to a common cloth face cover. After each wear, be sure to wash this fabric face cover and replace the insert to maintain the optimal level of protection.

For days when you’re on-the-go or traveling, the Honeywell Safety Pack is convenient to keep in your car, purse or suitcase for unpredictable situations. The 3-ply single use face cover is comfortable and can be worn when your Honeywell Dual-Layer Face Cover is being washed, while the non-latex gloves are great for grocery shopping, pumping gas and any other time you have to touch objects in a public setting. When out and about, use the sanitizing wipes to wipe down dirty surfaces.